BPG Bangbon Plastic Group

Our Company

BPG Co.,LTD have had experiences for around 30 years on
manufacturing precision part of plastic products for offering
companies in worldwide.

We had successfully earned the trust and positive feedbacks
from our clients.

We also have accumulated a lot of experience and can provide
immediate assistance to solve the problems occurred in
product design and production process.

Our organised production flow and quality control system in the
factory satisfy customers'requirement.

The sales department promptly response messages between
two sides to meet shipping schedules or other special needs
from customers.

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  • Experience

    for around 30 years on
    plastic manufacturing
  • The trust

    and positive
  • can provide

    immediate assistance
    to solve the problems


  • Organised

    and quality control
    system to satisfy
    customer requirement
  • The sales

    department promptly
    response special
    needs from customers.
  • OEM service

    and material
    selection to for

Our company's expertise in processing
high performance engineering material and
manufacturing high quality

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precision parts has
made us the plastic
injection molding

OEM of choice for many of our customers in each industry

In 2006, our company launched the plastic electrical product,
for examples, enclosure, junction box, switchboard, fitting,
cable tie etc. under the "NANO" brand.

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electrical product has expanded significantly in domestic market with a positive feedback from our customer.

Reliable services

Our Service department of Bangbon Plastic helps you in your
production process. Our Services are ready to adapt to your
individualised needs, both in regard to service, peripheral
and downstream units as well as in regard to quality control.
Contact our highly skilled Service team.

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We will give our entire
attention to solving
your problem.

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